3 Things That Separate Bay MarketForce From Our Competition

3 Things That Separate Bay MarketForce from other Appointment Setting Companies


One of the services that Bay MarketForce offers is Appointment Setting. We strive to deliver positive outcomes for our clients while performing our work with integrity. Protecting your brand is always at the top of our minds.

Here are three things that our customers have said separate us from the competition:


Sales Development Representative Tenure

The industry average for Sales Development Representative (SDR) tenure is less than one year. There are many reasons for that in our industry, but we work hard not to be a part of that statistic.

The average SDR tenure at Bay MarketForce is over six years. We can accomplish this because we have built a culture and environment that people want to be around. We select and work on purposeful campaigns that are impacting the world. And we are unreasonably selective with our people – that’s one of our core values.


Our Team is Based in the United States

Our entire team is in the United States. We never off-shore any of our U.S. or Canada Appointment Setting work. While our headquarters is in West Bend, Wisconsin, we have people stationed all around the U.S. that can use their local or regional dialects to their advantage.

You can expect our team to learn and understand your business so they can communicate your value propositions and solutions clearly to your prospects.


In-House Data Enrichment Team

The Bay MarketForce Data Enrichment Team researches and builds market intelligence that can’t be purchased or sourced through any data supplier.

They work to enrich accounts with firmographic information. They add relevant contact information to those accounts. And they source and add detailed market intelligence and data points. Those data points help to:

  1. Segment your market
  2. Prioritize outreach into qualified accounts
  3. Shape which messages or topics are communicated to prospects


With our experienced data and Sales Development team based in the United States, we deliver productive and consistent long-term campaigns that deliver measurable results.

To learn more about why Bay MarketForce could be the growth engine you’re looking for, please feel free to Contact Us or Book an Introduction Meeting.