3 Ways to Use B2B Intent Data In Your Sales Funnel

B2B Intent Data

3 Ways to Use B2B Intent Data


B2B Intent Data, also known as Buyer Intent Data, provides information about a person or companies interest in a particular product or service. Intent Data allows you to identify when a prospect is researching or considering a product or service that you offer.

Intent data comes from many different sources and has varying levels of value and quality. We recommend only selecting high-value intent data that is easily acted upon by your sales and marketing teams.

Here are the Top 3 ways you can use high-quality intent data to make sales and marketing more efficient.


Grow Your Prospect List

Add prospects (accounts & contacts) that fit into your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Don’t know the contact showing intent at the account? Add the decision-makers you would normally speak with.

These convert to an appointment 2.5x faster than cold accounts/leads.


Prioritize & Convert Leads

Score and prioritize outreach to leads and accounts that are showing high-value buyer intent signals.

Deliver highly relevant and targeted content based on their intent actions.


Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities

Identify your current customers that are researching and displaying interest in a different product or solution that you offer.

The AE on that account should be made aware of this intelligence and reach out accordingly to assist their research and educate the customer.

There are many other ways to leverage intent data for sales and marketing efficiency.

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