Sales Development & Appointment Setting

When you engage our Sales Development & Appointment Setting team, we conduct Account Based Marketing campaigns and qualify accounts in your target market.

We network to find the key decision makers and influencers. Then we set firm appointments with those contacts when they are ready to talk to sales.

The SDR vs. The AE

The concept of sales development thrives on specialization. Sales Development Reps find prospects and engage them efficiently, before passing them on to Account Executives who aim to close deals. This process gives each team the ability to focus on being the best at their individual roles.

Sales Development Rep
Account Executive

Build Lists

Find accurate information for leads in specific industries or lactions. They find targeted people at targeted companies.

Calls & Emails Leads

Reach out to prospects with 50-300 dials & emails each day. Responsible for qualifying prospects based on interest and how well they fit into your ideal customer profile.

Use Prospecting Tools

SDR's live in CRM and use technology like Salesforce to build accurate lists.

Complete Demo's

Present their solution to prospects who have already established interest in the product.

Negotiate Terms

AE's provide product details and share the value proposition.

Uncover Pain

AE's strive to figure out where business need help and what there objectives are. They then move to address these issues.

Why Are Specialized Roles More Effective?

  • Stronger Skills

    It's hard to be great at two things. SDR's spend their time making lists and reaching out to qualify prospects, while AE's hone their ability to close deals.

  • Cleaner Data

    Sales reps are notoriously bad at maintaining good data that marketing needs. Sales development reps live in CRM and keep data clean.

  • Consistent Follow Up

    Buyers want you to follow up. There's simply not enough time to have one role close deals AND focus on following up and responding quickly.