How to Optimize PPC Campaigns by Using Reverse IP Data


A reverse IP tool identifies who is visiting your website. And when running pay per click PPC campaigns, it also identifies the keyword in your PPC campaigns that drove them to your website.  

Your PPC campaign metrics will tell you how many clicks a keyword gets. It can tell you how much each click cost. What you won’t know is whether or not those clicks are relevant to your business.

Using Reverse IP to identify the companies clicking through your PPC campaigns provides actionable intelligence that you can use to optimize your campaign and keyword selection.  

Here’s How to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns with Reverse IP Data:

In your Reverse IP tool, export a list of all the identified visitors over the past 3+ months with the following data points included: 

  • Companies that visited your site through PPC
  • The PPC Keyword that drove each company to your website  
  • The Prospect Fit of each Account (do they fit your ideal customer profile?) 

You may need to take some time to go through the list and notate the Prospect Fit for the last bullet point. 

Perform an analysis of the data to see which keywords are driving relevant prospects and which keywords are wasting your budget.

Using Reverse IP data is a great way to make smarter keyword decisions above and beyond what a keyword planning tool can offer. 

If you outsource your ad campaigns, share this information with your agency so they can improve. They likely only view cost per click and impressions as their primary KPIs. Your campaigns should focus on driving relevant web traffic, not vanity metrics like impressions and CPC.