Qualified Lead

What is a Qualified Lead from Bay MarketForce?

April 15, 2017

By: Bryan Held


Compare a Typical Lead to a Bay MarketForce Qualified Lead

Below we compare a typical lead to a Bay MarketForce qualified lead. We can go out and generate either, but our real bread and butter lies in generating qualified leads and appointments. A lead from Bay MarketForce is more than just a contact name based on some broad demographic. That’s a great place. We take it 2 steps further. Our leads come to you as a firm appointment with a qualified prospect or account.

The first meeting we set is a warm introduction. We’ve already developed a relationship while nurturing the lead through the customer journey. That makes for a nice warm introduction and an easy way for your sales team to take it over.


Typical Lead vs. a Qualified Lead from Bay MarketForce


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