How a Long-Term Integrated Sales and Marketing Strategy Secured a $6.2 Million Project


This may be one of the longer customer journeys that we have seen – coming in at 7 years in the making. You hope they’re not all that long, but it goes to show how a well thought out, long-term integrated sales and marketing strategy can have huge impacts on your business.

A summary of the customer journey timeline will be provided at the end of the article, but let’s get into some of the details that led to a $6.2 million dollar win. Our client and the end user will be left unnamed for confidentiality purposes. Please keep in mind that the average sales cycle in this client’s industry can range from 12-24 months.


Starting in 2015, our client leveraged the Bay MarketForce (BMF) sales and marketing database to execute a long-term email marketing strategy that delivers industry expert insights and awareness to their preferred audience of over 100,000 contacts in the US.


In 2017, BMF initiated a Sales Development and Lead Generation campaign in the state where the Account in question was based. That campaign consisted of long-term, multi-touch, 1 on 1 communications, and nurturing activities directly with the influencers and decision makers at the Account.

What kind of communications are we talking about here?

For this campaign, BMF provided Sales Development Representatives to directly contact the target audience through 1 on 1 personalized phone calls and emails. No mass emails or speed dialers involved. Just great SDR’s nurturing a prospect account and building a relationship.

In July of 2017, we qualified the Account and scheduled the first initial appointment and introductions between decision makers at the Account and their local Account Executive. Upon further review of the Account, it was determined that they weren’t ready to take the next step with our client.

Keywords there are that the Account was “Not Ready.” Not that they were not a fit. They were a great candidate…just not ready. So, do we just stop there and give up? Nope.


In January of 2018 we restarted our Sales Development and Lead Generation activities with this account. This time around, it was more about staying in front of the account in a professional manner and providing relevant content and information to continue to build our relationship and brand equity. Being professionally persistent is key, not annoying.


In July of 2019 we halted the Sales Development and Lead Gen activities with the account, but the email marketing that started in 2015 would still be getting delivered to the appropriate contacts at the account. So we didn’t completely cease communications with the account. Alas, the brand equity and trust has been built, and now it was just about being there at the right time.


All the work and persistence pay off when a primary contact at the Account reached out via inbound in September of 2020. The BMF Sales Development team, already familiar with the Account history and the relationship, takes the inbound lead and qualifies the account.

Once qualified, they quickly notify the local Account Executive and establish a meeting date and time between the Account and the Account Executive. Keep in mind, the original meeting and introduction took place more than 3 years ago. This next step was a long time in the making. This time, they were ready to act!


Negotiations and planning took place over the next 2 years to develop a perfect solution for the Account and in July of 2022, a $6.2 million agreement was signed. Hooray!!!

Now, this scenario may be unique in that it took a long time to get from initial marketing contact to a closed win sale, but it’s a great example of how selecting the right marketing mix and committing to a long-term strategy can have a major impact on your business and revenue growth.

Below is a shortened summary of the campaign timeline and activities. It’s also worth reiterating that over this entire timeframe, the level and frequency of marketing communications, advertising, and sales development activity (personalized phone calls & emails) varied. The one constant was an integrated, always-on, always-watching team of sales and marketing professionals from BMF and our client.



2015 – Begin Email Marketing Nurture (5 emails per year to relevant buyer contacts at the account)

April 2017 – Begin Sales Development Lead Gen Campaign

July 2017 – Secured First Meeting and Appointment with the Account, End Sales Development Activity, Account Executive Engaged

October 2017 – Prospect Determined Not Ready, but Interested

January 2018 – Restart Sales Development Activity

July 2019 – Suspended Sales Development Activity

September 2020 – Account Re-Enters via Inbound – Sales Development Team Responds, Advanced Qualification Occurs, Account Executive Re-Engaged, Planning & Negotiation Begins

July 2022 – Closed Won Deal for $6.2 million


Bay MarketForce delivers best practice marketing, strategy, plans, and execution techniques with revenue growth in mind. Mixing traditional marketing tactics along with digital technology, prospect data, and demand generation strategies, Bay MarketForce provides an integrated sales and marketing solution to help grow our client’s revenue and customer base.

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