Create Relevant Content

Developing Relevant and Educational Content

December 29, 2016 – 3:09PM

By: Bryan Held

Relevant Content that Your Potential Customers Will Seek Out

Creating relevant content that your potential customers will actually want to engage with is a serious time commitment. Between coming up with topics, writing a solid piece, creating graphics, posting it to all social networks, and measuring it’s return on investment, you could spend as much asĀ 40 hours putting that all together.

Luckily, Bay MarketForce has a team of creative folks ready to develop the kind of content that your potential customers will find intriguing and informative. Great content helps increase your web presence, brand awareness, and portrays you as the expert that you are.

It’s More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Content is important. We know that. You know that. Plug all the great information you’re sharing into a Bay MarketForce demand and lead generation campaign and you’re really headed in the right direction to help drive growth for your business.

Content is meant to create interest and drive people to your website or make an inbound inquiry. What you do with those inbound inquiries is critical. Our inbound team will respond to each inbound inquiry, qualify the lead, and then pass it to sales. Your sales team will want to follow up on the leads we pass.

Add scheduled follows ups, marketing automation, and email communications for a diverse mixture of communications. Stay in front of your prospects, and learn about what they’re interested in. When they’re ready, our Sales Development Reps will schedule an appointment or pass the lead to your sales team.

So, yes, content is important, but without the proper channels in place to capture data and make informed marketing decisions, you’re wasting time and money.


If you want to learn more about how Bay MarketForce will help you develop content that is relevant to your most likely prospects, please contact us here.