AMR/AMI Water Meter Adoption Services

Acquire new AMR & AMI installation projects and overcome meter deployment challenges throughout the planning and execution phases.

Sales & Implementation Support

Secure new projects and optimize the deployment of your water meter or technology installation project.

Data Analysis

Compile market data about utility ownership, AMI adoption, water rates, and more.

Market Strategy

Determine who has a need, who is ready to buy, and in which geography.

Utility Needs & Funding

We get you answers about age of systems, capital improvement needs, funding options, etc.

Qualified Appointments

Our highly trained sales development team will qualify accounts, kick start relationships, and set meaningful appointments for your Sales Reps.

Acquire new business and optimize deployment

Meter Testing

We manage the scheduling of your meter testing, which includes tracking down hard to reach accounts.

Customer Care Center

Our experienced, US-based call center personnel assist with customer care and FAQs to ensure a positive customer experience.

Scheduling Installations

We efficiently schedule and coordinate the rollout of inside and outside installations.

Post-Installation Support

Provide customer care following an installation to answer questions and escalate issues as needed.

Scheduling and appointment setting for AMR & AMI water meter deployments

Why Partner With Us?

  • Faster adoption rates of AMR/AMI technology
  • Lower implementation costs & more operational savings
  • Efficiently scheduled meter tests & installations
  • Increased revenue & improved water accountability
  • Identify and secure new AMR/AMI projects

Who Partners With Us?

  • Water Meter Manufacturers
  • Local Governments
  • Utilities
  • AMR & AMI Implementation Companies
  • Meter Service Providers
  • Johnson Controls
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We have tried to get in here for years and it has not worked. You got us in, and it looks like it could stick. We had a great appointment and a second appointment is set up. It could be a great opportunity – sizable. I have worked with agencies before and your quality is far above what I have seen.”Sales Account Manager
If we would have started this project with you, scheduling the appointments could have been done by now.Project Manager
I was so impressed with the results that I am having your team help us with another scheduling challenge for the project, and i have every reason to believe they will knock this one out of the ballpark as well.Project Manager
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